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House of Nerds

Lurking in the Granny Flat

Nerds in a House
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The Web Statisticshaus_of_nerds is a house, in Melbourne, that consists of three co-habitating nerds; chairman_loke, evil_azuriel and designadrug.
That's right; Nerds of the highest calibre:
We all roleplay too much.
We are all heavily into computers.
We are all into SciFi, Fantasy, Cartoons and Anime.
We all wear glasses.
We are all virgins.
Most of us are into coffee.
Most of us drive old, clapped-out cars.
Most of us have degrees in something geeky.
Most of us are virgins.
Most of us have girlfriends.
Some of us are virgins.
Some of us have girlfriends.
And we think sharing a house with each other is so much better than living with our parents.

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